Five ways in which using an alarm clock makes you more productive

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As more and more people are getting habituated to rising up and heading straight to work without any positivity or productivity, it is becoming more of a worry considering how dull and mechanical the human life is becoming. It is not too late to get a hold on your life yet as there are many ways to rejuvenate the monotony you are stuck with.
You would be surprised to know the different ways in which using an alarm clock makes you more productive. Read more to know more:
Helps you get in the routine:
Researches have shown that we have an internal alarm set in our body that helps us to doze off and rise up. Overtime, we tend to lose track as irregular sleeping habits lead to our internal alarm clocks being ticked off. Having an alarm clock by our bedside is a good practice as due to erratic lifestyles, prolonged travel, aging and other factors, our body fails to respond to the natural alarm.
More emphasis on breakfast:
Skipping breakfast is a habit incorporated in our routine due to a fast lifestyle. Food is where your body gets energy from, and your body needs it the most early in the morning after rising up. Better time management means you are left with enough time to suffice your stomach well. Skipping the first meal of the day results in feeling lethargic during the entire day and feeling less productive.
Say no to that extra sleep:
Been there, done that! Probably still do. But putting your alarm clock on constant snooze and catching up on that extra sleepdoes more harm than good. That extra sleep after waking up to your alarm means getting another cycle of light-sleep which does nothing but lower your productivity. So make it a habit to resist the snooze and rise up at the first alarm tune. That will not only leave you freshand rejuvenated but will also get you more time in your hand to plan better.
Plan ahead:
Your brain and body would suffer if you do not get enough restorative sleep. Judgement, creativity and self-discipline are weakened due to lack of sleep. As the above para puts light on the fact that getting up early with the first tune of alarm will leave you with more time to plan ahead, it also means that your efficiency doubles up automatically. You get more time at your disposal to dictate your day and plan accordingly.
Enough time to exercise and meditate:
Sleeping at night and waking up in the morning at the same time every day helps keep your circadian rhythm to run smoothly. Circadian rhythm is a hormone that determines sleep. Following a regular pattern and waking up to the alarm every morning will leave you refreshed in the morning and rid you of all the tiredness you felt the previous day. Make it a point to either exercise of meditate every morning as it helps release endorphins. Endorphins reduce stress hormones and help start your with maximum energy.

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