Orpat: A leading clock manufacturer in India

The Orpat Group of Companies, based in the state of Gujarat, India, is now a trusted and reputed brand not only in India but all over the world. The Group started as a clock manufacturer in Morbi, a district in Gujarat, and in 50 years diversified into Electronics, Home Appliances and Green Energy.

Today, Orpat Electronics and Electricals have gained the highest word of mouth position for its electronic products. Amongst the many, the one that stands out and has become the product that the company is so often associated with, is the “Clock”. The clocks manufactured by Orpat, known as the Ajanta clocks are indeed eternal timepieces.

Ajanta clocks comprise a wide range from traditional pieces to digital clocks with modern and fashionable designs. The aesthetic element of the clocks complemented with the high quality fulfil the criteria of an amazing timepiece that one would like to hang on their wall. It is for this credence to deliver the best that the company holds a record of manufacturing 1,36,92,872 clocks during the year 2002-2003.

Some of the most unique series of Ajanta clocks are as follows-

Grandfather Series

A classic clock perfect for houses with extensive furniture and wardrobes. The large pendulum and chimes enchant a traditional spell on its environment. Its texture and finesse speak for itself.

Cuckoo Clocks

An exquisite, designer series of clocks that glorifies the plain walls with its detail carving and attractive look. Its unique features are the rotating doll pendulum, musical cuckoo and birds chirping with an auto night shut off. This clock with art comes with a Quartz movement hand and a crystal of the Citizen brand.

Fancy Pendulum Clocks

A fancy shape and amazing design, these clocks come in varied shapes and sizes. The swinging pendulum completes the look giving it an artistic touch and a characteristic appearance.

Digital clocks

For the official spaces or the ones who desire a modern look, the

digital clocks are a great choice. Its features include a stunning finish, simple and elegant interface and a lustrous frame.

Further, there are many variants that fall under these major categories. The company also takes wholesale orders and is a major supplier of wall clocks in the country. The wide range along with excellent after-sales services has helped Orpat achieve the mark of excellence.

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