Pocket Size Check and Correct Calculators – OT-300 T – Baby Blue


12 Digits
120 Step Check & Correct
Big Display
Auto Replay
1 year Warranty
Quick key sensing for spedy calculations
Long lasting key printing for minimising the calculation errors Steadiness & Good gripping for hasslefree use.
Package Dimensions – L-83mm X W-17mm X H-134mm = 0.00018 CBM

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A stylish calculator offering the best calculation abilities with a big display for easy calculations. Featuring a complete 12 digit display and 120 step check and correct with auto replay, this is the best companion for every student, salesperson, accountant, and persons of the financial bend.

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Baby Blue

Package Contents

1U Calculator

Package Dimensions

L-83MM X W-17MM X H-134MM = 0.00018 CBM


1 Year

Model No.

OT-300 T