Platinum Series Plate with Frame 18 Module Case and Cover – OPCC – 7687 – White (Pack of 5)


Polycarbonate cover with paint guard
Metal frame providing solid support to the base
Screw caps can be closed once the support frame is installed ensuring total insulation
Due to paint guard covering on the product – painting work can be carried without marking the product
10 years Warranty
Package Dimensions – 275mm X 320mm

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An 18 Module plate is a fine casing and cover facility that ensures longevity and durability of the switches or fuse that it holds. With easily detachable frames, this case and the cover are built to provide maximum benefit to the user. All the plates made by Orpat are safeguarded by an ISI mark. This plate has the potential of holding up to 12 switches at any given point in time. Made of strong polycarbonate material, quality, and safety measures remain to be of the highest order. Available in 5 piece packing.

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Package Contents

18 Module Case & Cover

Package Dimensions

275MM X 320MM

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