Silver Series Sockets – 6A and 16A Universal Socket – OSST – 2277 – White (Pack of 15)


6A and 16A capacity
Shutter retainer made from German grade POM material
Shutter made from German grade POM material
Sockets are shuttered for Child’s safety against electric shocks
Socket Switch ISI Mark conforming to IS 1293
stripping template on socket for stripping of exact length of insulation
Contact made from Phosphor Bronze for high conductivity and low voltage drop
Made from Polycarbonate material
10 years Warranty
Package Dimensions – 89mm X 102mm

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A silver series 6A and 16A universal socket that is praised for its extensive casing cover safety against electrocution, universally compatible design, and premium finish. Its varying amperage is a great feature making it very much compatible with different surroundings and localities. A very durable design and make that massively contains all types of plugs and inputs. Much feasible up to the mark.

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Package Dimensions

89MM X 102MM

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