Wall Clock – Classic Musical Pendulum Quartz Wall Clock – Pendulum Clock – 3427 -(D)

₹ 2320

Clarion Tone Sound
Real Silent Sweep Rotating Pendulum
Swinging Pendulum
Miracle Eye
Real Silent Sweep movement ( /- 20 seconds per month accuracy)
Decorative Ornaments
1 year warranty

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This clock is an absolute masterpiece due to its unique shape and its designated features. It has a pendulum and a melodious hourly
indication, along with that it has an attractive brown frame that blends with the locality of where it is being kept. Its pendulum has a
typical shape, which is different from the others and adds an elemental touch to the overall structure of the clock. This clock is usually
used for domestic premises, where it emulates a feeling of satiation and style altogether.

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