Wall Clock – Classic Musical Pendulum Quartz Wall Clock – Pendulum Clock with Decorative Daimonds – 2627 – Copper

₹ 1550

SST Melody
Swinging Pendulum
Miracle Eye
Step movement ( /- 20 seconds per month accuracy)
Rotating Pendulum
Mirror Glass
Decorative Ornaments
1 year warranty

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A clock with a elegant theme and an illuminative design that makes its surroundings appear glorified. It has a crème white interface and
matching wands which looks absolutely stunning from many aspects. A perfect clock for a perfect home. Its shape & usability makes it
acceptable in other places like conference halls, recreational chambers, etc. Its design reflects the confidence of its user. Its shape is also a great contributing factor to its beauty and elegance. A clock with such remarkable physical characteristics is very hard to resist.

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