Classic Musical Pendulum Quartz Wall Clock with Decorative Diamonds – 2927 – Brown


SST Melody
Swinging Pendulum
Miracle Eye
Step movement ( /- 20 seconds per month accuracy)
Swarovski Elements for beauty enhancement
Rotating Pendulum
Woody Process
Decorative Ornaments
1 year warranty
Package Dimensions: 365x95x480mm

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A unique clock with a dark crimson frame and crème color theme that is probably the best combination for a wall clock. And the cherry on the cake is that it has an implicit design carved on the facing body in soothing color. It has a sky blue interface making it different from
other clocks with general themes. This clock would make a perfect match with furnishings of similar colors and its intricate design would
make it even better to adapt with its surroundings. Its golden art will only add glamour to its parent locality.

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