Wall Clock – Classic Musical Pendulum Quartz Wall Clock – Pendulum Clock with Decorative Daimonds – 3327 – Silver

₹ 2320

Clarion Tone Sound
Real Silent Sweep Rotating Pendulum
Miracle Eye
Real Silent Sweep movement ( /- 20 seconds per month accuracy)
Decorative Ornaments
Woody Process
1 year warranty

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With an oval shaped structure with a solid reflective frame, it is truly a different clock in every way. An addictive design and body, packed
with one of the best in class technical aspects. The overall make of this clock is perfected to a great extent, so that there is absolutely no
hesitation before owning one of these wall pieces. Its lustrous complexion makes every plain locality into an exceptional one. A brilliant
choice for a glass cupboard or wardrobe as it blends with its glossy frame and body.

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