Wall Clock – Classic Musical Pendulum Quartz Wall Clock – Pendulum Clock with Swarovski Elements – 4827 – (C)


• Clarion Tone Sound
• Hourly Melody
• Auto Night shut-off by Sensor
• Step movement ( /- 20 seconds per month accuracy)
• Woody process
• Volume Control Switch
• Mirror Finish Glass
• Swing
Pendulum made with Swarovski Elements. Quartz Movement with Citizen Brand Crystal for Accurate Timing
• 1 year warranty

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From every aspect, this clock has the qualities of an intrinsic showpiece and is equipped with accurate technology, making it a very
consistent and powerful model. It is packed with a wooden polystyrene frame, a melodious hourly indication with a clarion tone sound,
a swinging pendulum made up of Swarovski elements, an auto night shutoff sensor and mirror finish glass to add to its glamorous
appearance. A clock with such enchanting physical characteristics and loaded with so many irresistible features has a different class in
the market.

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