Wall Clock – Digital Clock – Calendar Clock – DC-087 – Black

₹ 2295

Fuse Guard technology
Big Week Name Display for easy reading from a long distance
Extra Fuse for convenience
Surge Shield for protection from power jerk
Big size hanger
accurate temperature sensor with -1 degree accuracy
Century Calendar Clock
Latest IC version enabling it for quick reset
Sturdy Design
1 Year Warranty

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A clock with a firm matte look and a solid stunning finish, making it very demanding and attention seeking. It has standard dimensions,
due to which it has no issues meeting the buyerÂ’s desires. A lustrous frame adds to its glamour and an indicated non-numeral system
makes it unique. Its wands also hold a considerable lustre which is hardly seen in many clocks. It features a simple yet elegant white
interface which balances with the lustrous make of its key components. This clock is usually preferred in official as well as domestic or
public localities, pertaining to its universally superficial make.

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