Adhering strictly to ISO 9001:2015, Orpat follows some stringent policies for better quality management.

Some of the policies stated by Orpat are:

To be committed to quality at any given point in time, in case whatsoever
The organization consistently strives to manufacture and produce world class products and provide excellent service at the lowest cost possible
To comply with quality management system and put our efforts for the continual improvement in all spheres
To pay equal attention to creating more quality awareness through process improvements, training, measurements and development of employees
Includes verification and validation of all products prior to being shipped to satisfy present and future needs of valued customers
Committed to minimize the adverse impact arising due to our manufacturing activities on employees and environment by managing its process, products and activities adhering to the requirement of legislation and regulation.
The aim to deliver highest satisfaction to customers, hence to measure and monitor customer satisfaction by standard quality
To set up a an easily accessible grievance redressal system for prompt feedback and correction of the same
By having a redressal system in place, to ensure minimum customer complaints related to future products/ services
To reduce rejection/ re-work
Strive to upgrade constantly and adopt latest technology for better developments
To ensure hygiene and cleanliness all the time