Orpat envisions a future where businesses and communities grow and flourish together with long-term benefits to consumers and environment at large. Orpat works towards encouraging sustainable development and growth by minimizing the pollution generated by the organization and ensuring growth of the company with regards to its human resource capital. The organization today stands rock-solid with a strong and inclusive family of over 3000 employees working together towards achieving a common goal.
ORPAT understands its responsibilities towards the society, the environment and the socio-economic sustainability to its human resources and investors as well as its wide customer cell, suppliers and the public at large.
Orpat believes and strongly supports avoidance of depletion of natural resources in order to maintain ecological balance. It has over the years developed and continues to produce world-class manufacturing plant as per the prescribed quality measures and procedures. All this is done to ensure minimum pollution from production and manufacturing departments and to generate larger by-products.
Safety and health of our employees remain our top priority and we see to it that the processes required to carry our production and manufacturedo not cause any harm to even a single employee at Orpat Group.