Armaan Singh- Traveller and trekker


What’s a treasure for avid travelers? Of course, to get their hands on an item to keep their tea/ coffee warm on long travels. On exploring and looking up online through a number of products, I finally managed to pick the best option for my traveler son. Orpat’s kettles are of premium quality Borosilicate Glass Body making it highly durable and stain resistant. He remembers me with every sip he takes even 500 miles away.

Arjun Berde- Student

Scientific Calculators

The worst nightmare of an engineering student? Going to the examination hall and realizing that the calculator has stopped working. Avoid such risks with Orpat’s new range of scientific calculators. It really helped me avoid unnecessary stress and perform better in exams due to its long-lasting battery life and high durability.

Akshita Pandya – Nurse

There’s nothing like the taste of homemade chutneys! Earlier this used to be a daunting task for me, but after bringing home an Orpat Mixer Grinder, I’ve become a Chutney Queen! Extremely easy to use and even easier to clean, it has made my life so simple. Despite their powerful motor, they are silent and smooth to run, so I don’t even disturb others at home.

Pooja Bhanushali – Housewife

I love peanut butter with everything, but the store bought variety was just not right for me. Wanting to try and make it at home, I bought an Orpat Blender. With its easy to hold handle, different blade attachments, long power cord and powerful motor, it is a godsend in the kitchen. Now I can enjoy my meals with a dollop of my own homemade peanut butter.

Madhvi Mehta – Designer

I love cooking but hate the prep work. But what could I do? To get the finished product, I had to chop up all the ingredients first. Not anymore! Orpat Choppers have made my life so simple. Now I can get precisely chopped pieces without much effort. Its extra-large capacity of 500 ml means less time preparing and more time experimenting with flavours.

Lalit Mahadevkar – Inspector

My job requires me to look sharp every day, but giving my shirts to be pressed outside meant playing a dangerous game of roulette. After more than one experience of ruined shirts, I took matters into my own hands and bought an Orpat Iron. With their vertical steam function, I can steam iron my clothes with ease, leaving not a single crease, and look good day after day.