Shri. Pravinbhai Patel
Chairman & MD

Shri. Pravinbhai Patel, Chairman & Managing Director of Orpat Group, has been a part of the Company since its inception. He has played a major role in making the Company highly successful and renowned, from its humble beginnings in Morbi, a small town in Gujarat. Under his able leadership, Orpat became the highest exporter of electronic consumer goods; for which he was awarded the ‘Trade Post Man Of The Year’ in 1999. Shri. Pravinbhai Patel has been the keystone in building up the Orpat brand. He manages Sales, Quality Control, Finance, CSR and Public Relations cells in the Company, while also being deeply involved in the development of the Company’s production plants and technology.

Mr. Nevil Patel

Mr. Nevil Patel, Director, is part of the third generation of leadership of Orpat Group. He currently manages the Marketing division with a vision towards making the Company a household name.

Mr. Himanshu Patel

Mr. Himanshu Patel, Director, is also part of the third generation of Orpat Group’s leadership. He handles product design and development, as well as the export functions to take the Company towards unparalleled reputability all over the world.

Without values it is impossible for an organisation to succeed. We at Orpat believe values form the basic core of any foundation and expect our employees also to understand the principles on which Orpat is built and hence support us in our endeavours to achieve success together.
Some of the values Orpat strives on largely are:-

LEADERSHIP – We do not mean to dominate, but to lead the organization into becoming the best in the industry.
INTEGRITY – In order to be the best in the industry, it is important to be integral in our approach. Integrity and transparency are other values considered to of utmost importance.
ORIGINALITY – As Orpat is the sole manufacturer of all products sold under its brand, we strive for originality and condemn plagiarism.
RESPONSIBILITY – Being responsible towards stakeholders, customers, environment, society and the organisation at large.