Discover Modern Clock Designs

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Pendulum Wall Clock

Timeless elegance meets modern charm with these vintage pendulum wall clocks. Crafted from wood, they add character to any space. Choose one to elevate your living area, despite their higher price and space requirements.

Minimalist modern wall clock

Opt for a minimalist wall clock to maintain a calm and soothing ambiance in your bedroom. Avoid overstimulation with bold patterns or noisy tickers, and instead choose a sleek design for a peaceful night's sleep.

Oversized modern wall clock

These oversized clocks make a bold statement in your living space, eliminating the need for extra decor. Choose from various materials and sizes, but check the weight for safe hanging.

Abstract Art Wall Clocks

Elevate your living space with wall clocks featuring abstract designs. Perfect for adding a quirky and unique touch to your décor.

Vintage Roman Numeral Wall Clocks

Add timeless charm to your home with vintage-style wall clocks featuring Roman numerals. The wooden tones exude richness, perfect for a classy interior look.