Hand Blender Buying Guide: 6 Key Features to Consider

Material of the hand blender

Choose metal shafts for a durable hand blender; plastic may break and absorb colors and odors from strong-colored foods.

Power Wattage & Blade Capability

Choosing the Right Blender Power: 250W for Soft Blends, Higher Wattage for Tough Tasks. Tailor your hand blender to your needs.


Choose the Right Accessories: Entry-level models like MultiQuick Vario 5 and MultiQuick 3 Smoothie+ for everyday blending needs.

Variable speeds

Customize Your Blending Experience: Choose a hand blender with variable speeds for precise control over consistency and texture in your sauces, drinks, and soups.

Ergonomic and Easy handling

Comfortable Blending: Choose a hand blender with ergonomic design, lightweight feel, and easy-to-reach controls for fatigue-free use during extended tasks.

Ease of Cleaning

Simplify Cleanup: Hand blenders make cooking enjoyable and cleanup a breeze. Rinse the shaft and blade under water or opt for models with dishwasher-safe, detachable parts.