Refreshing Juices Recipe Using Orpat Commercial Juicer Mixer Grinder 

– Powerful 900W motor – Efficient cutter spinner design – 22000 RPM speed – 3-speed control with whip button – Fine stainless steel filter net – Shockproof plastic body – Ideal for juicing, mixing, and grinding – Perfect for any household. – Hygienic stainless steel blades – Large pulp container

Introducing the Orpat Commercial Juicer Mixer Grinder:

Classic Orange 

Ingredients: Oranges

Directions: Peel oranges, remove seeds, and juice for pure, tangy delight.

Green Detox Elixir

Ingredients: Spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon

Directions: Wash greens, blend with apple and lemon, strain for detoxifying elixir.

Tropical Paradise Punch

Ingredients: Pineapple, mango, kiwi, coconut water

Directions: Peel and chop fruits, blend with coconut water for tropical punch.

Carrot Ginger Zing

Ingredients: Carrots, ginger, apple, lemon

Directions: Wash and peel carrots and ginger, juice with apple and lemon for refreshing zing.

Benefits of Orpat Commercial Juicer Mixer Grinder 

Efficiency, Versatility, Durability, Easy Maintenance, Consistency, Time-Saving,