Republic Day 2024 : Tricolour Dishes To Try At Home

A steamed sponge cake decorated with the Indian flag's colors of orange, white, and green

Tricolor Dhokla

A pasta dish with three distinct color layers: orange, white, and green, represented by tomato sauce, white sauce, and pesto sauce.

Tiranga Pasta

Classic idlis flavored with carrot puree for orange, spinach for green, and ordinary idli batter for white.

Tiranga Idli

A rice dish topped with carrots for orange, white basmati rice, and green peas for green.

Tiranga Rice

Layers of carrots or orange bell peppers for orange, and spinach for green, cottage cheese for white, make this colorful.

Tiranga Salad 

Make your own popsicles by layering mango or orange juice for the orange, yogurt or coconut milk for the white, and kiwi or mint for the green.

Tiranga  Popsicle

Papdi or crisp bread layered with layers of green chutney, white yogurt, and tamarind or carrot chutney is a colorful street food classic. 

Tiranga Chaat