Make Sure the Installation of Your Ceiling Fan Is Done Correctly

Keep your home safe by having a pro electrician install and maintain your ceiling fan. Avoid wobbling risks and ensure your family's safety with expert fan installation.

Keep it Safe Setting the Right Height for Your Ceiling Fan

For safety, keep a 7-foot gap between your ceiling fan and the floor. Choose a downrod fan for high ceilings and a small room fan for lower ceilings. Keep it 18 inches away from walls to avoid collisions.

Childproof Your Ceiling Fan Chains

Choose a bunk bed-friendly ceiling fan for your kids' room. Avoid fans with chains to prevent safety hazards, especially if there are bunk beds or tall furniture. Ensure the chain is out of reach for added safety.

Check for obstacles! Besides room dimensions, mind tall furniture. Ensure your ceiling fan has enough space for proper rotation and air circulation. Measure and choose the right fan size for your room with tall furniture.

Clear the Way for Your Ceiling Fan

Check all screws and wiring to make sure they're secure. Test the fan, and if it vibrates, balance the blades. If issues persist, turn off power, inspect wiring, and if needed, consult an electrician for assistance.

Make Sure Your Ceiling Fan Fits Securely

After turning off your ceiling fan, let it naturally slow down—never use your hand to stop it. Stopping the blades manually can bend brackets and lead to a wobbly fan, even at slow speeds.

Don't Stop Fan Blades with Your Hands