What Kinds of Mixer Blades Are There? 

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Efficient Wet Grinding Blades

Specially crafted for wet ingredients, these mixer blades excel in making smooth pastes and grinding soaked rice, ensuring efficient performance in every kitchen.

Sharp & Strong Dry Grinding Blades

Perfect for spices and grains, these mixer blades effortlessly crush and pulverize tough dry ingredients, making them a kitchen essential for flavorful blends and grinding coffee beans.

Blades for Chutney Grinding

Specially designed for chutneys, these blades are compact and efficient, turning small quantities of ingredients into smooth and flavorful chutneys—perfect for tangy tomato or spicy coconut creations.

Gratting and Chopping Blades

Compact yet powerful, these mixer blades excel at mincing garlic, ginger, and grating hard cheeses with precision. Say goodbye to manual chopping and shredding—hello to effortless mincing and grating!

Blades for Blending and Mixing

Powerful blades for smooth blends! From creamy milkshakes to velvety soups, these specially designed blades are versatile and sturdy, perfect for mixing and blending various ingredients effortlessly.