Which Kitchen Appliances Are the Best Christmas Presents?

Hand Mixer

Recipe :

Cookies Whipped Cream Mashed Potatoes Eggnog Frostings and Icings Cheesecake Filling


Hand Blender

Recipe :

Creamy Soups Gravies and Sauces Cranberry Sauce Mashed Potatoes Dessert Fillings and Sauces Smoothies and Drinks Homemade Mayonnaise



Recipe :

Smoothies and Shakes Chutneys and Dips Spice Blends Cake and Cookie Batters Soup Blending Breadcrumbs Homemade Nut Butters


Express Chopper

Recipe :

Herb Blends Nut and Fruit Mixtures Fruit Salsa Nuts for Toppings Vegetable Medley



Sandwich Toaster

Recipe :

Holiday Breakfast Sandwiches Sweet Toasted Treats Grilled Cheese with a Twist Christmas Panini