• 220.00

    Polycarbonate material
    Brass contact
    Electrical Accessories
    Ceiling Rose
    Package Dimensions – 102mm X 127mm

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  • Electrical Accessories - Jumbo Batten Holder

    Polycarbonate material
    Electrical Accessories
    Bulb Holder
    Brass contact
    Package Dimensions – 114mm X 140mm

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  • Out of Stock

    16A Capacity
    Spark Shield to prevent accidental fire
    Finger Proof Terminal for protection against accidental contact
    Made from Polycarbonate material
    Contact made from riveted silver cadmium tip
    Contact Plate made up of phosphor bronze for high conductivty and low voltage drop
    Tunnel Terminals preventing screwdrivers from slipping
    Tested to the most stringent guidelines to guarantee absolute operational safety and withstand 100000 on-off cycles
    10 Years Warranty
    Package Dimensions – 64mm X 102mm

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