Orpat Group of Companies

Orpat Group of Companies

Orpat Electronics & Electricals

ORPAT has grown to become one of the most trusted brand names in the industry today and has also secured the highest word of mouth position for all its electronic products. ORPAT is engaged in the manufacturing of a number of products coming under various categories, the most reliable among its customer base being electronics.

To form a solid market in a niche segment such as electronics requires years of goodwill and trust. ORPAT understands this well and keeps quality and service at the forefront. The product ranges from Wall Clocks, Telephones, Calculators, Alarm Time pieces, Educational Toys for Kids, Home Appliances, Electrical Accessories, Fans and Green Energy – Pallets. ORPAT is also one of the largest wall clock and calculator manufacturers in the country today. The company has achieved a World record of Manufacturing 1,36,92,872 clocks during the year 2002-2003.

Along with providing traditional pieces, the company also believes in offering modern and fashionable designs in order to cater to a wider audience. Elaborate palates of colours complemented by various shades add to achieving customer delight by offering high quality products at affordable prices. ORPAT timepieces are renowned and well recognized by its huge consumer base today across the globe.

Orpat Group of Companies

Orpat Home Appliances

It’s not for nothing that it is said, Home is where Orpat is! There is evidence to support this claim, and we can show you. Open the catalogue to see details.
Orpat Group of Companies

Orpat Green Energy

ORPAT group is a sole manufacturer of all products sold under its brand. For the same, the company also has set-up a renewable energy source of wind. The company has total 27.25 MW of Wind Power plants in various locations of Gujarat and Maharashtra with total investment of more than 160 crores.
The company is looking forward to expanding this business and increasing its power generation capacity in the coming years to maximize production. The aim is also to use the power via green energy. We manufacture Pallets which aren’t made of wood and are eco-friendly which in turn help in sustaining the environment. We believe in going green all the way!”