About Us

ORPAT is a group of companies based in the State of Gujarat, India. Over the years, ORPAT, with its Expertise, Service and Excellent Customer Relationships has made its presence felt not just in the whole of India but also globally. The company is essentially involved in In-house manufacturing of a wide range of well diversified products ranging from simple electrical switches to high-end electronic appliances. ORPAT, with a constant effort and continuously progressing endeavours to strive for high precision premium class products has developed a state of the art manufacturing plant with its strong R&D Team, continuously involved in achieving innovations for its products and process.
ORPAT Group has a strong credence in delivering values in terms of innovation and excellence to the world with absolute devotion and pledge.
The man behind the successful venture, SHRI ODHAVJIBHAI R. PATEL, started the group with a small team and limited offerings which today is a well branded corporate having a huge human capital of more than 3000 employees and a wide range of product portfolio with maximum dot presence in Indian and Global maps. ORPAT today has around 450 Depots And 50,000 Retailers to reach Indian market and has successfully attained reach over 45 countries across the globe.
ORPAT Group is a pioneer in India to develop in-house C.O.B. Technology. Being an ISO-9001 & 14001 Certified Company, it assures Quality Process, Quality Management Systems And Quality Products. Quality Control And Quality Assurance Processes are well designed to ensure superior Quality Products. Packaging processes are also so well designed to ensure scratch free delivery to the end users.

Orpat Group of Companies

ORPAT Group started as a manufacturer of clocks in Morbi – a small district in Gujarat. With continuous efforts and technological developments ORPAT Group has successfully moulded itself in becoming the most trusted and reputed brand. They have diversified themselves into three major areas – Electronics, Home Appliances & Green Energy.

ORPAT has grown to become one of the most trusted brand names in the industry today and has also secured the highest word of mouth position for all it’s electronic products.
It’s not for nothing that it is said, “Home Is Where Orpat Is!” there is evidence to support this claim, and we can show you. Open the catalogue to see details.
ORPAT Group is a sole manufacturer of all products sold under its brand. For the same, the company also has set-up a renewable energy source of wind.

The Orpat Team

SHRI. PRAVINBHAI PATEL, Chairman & Managing Director Of ORPAT Group, has been a part of the company since its inception. He manages Sales, Quality Control, Finance, CSR And Public Relations Cells in the company, while also being deeply involved in the development of the company’s production plants And technology.
MR. NEVIL PATEL, Director, is part of the third generation of leadership of ORPAT Group. He currently manages the marketing division with a vision towards making the company a household name.
MR. HIMANSHU PATEL, Director, is also part of the third generation of ORPAT Group’s leadership. He handles Product Design and Development, as well as the Export Functions to take the company towards unparalleled reputability all over the world.

Company Values

Our Vision

ORPAT is highly visionary in its approach. One of the many aims the company has visualised for itself and its employees is to become one of the leading manufacturing companies in the electronics industry with total in-house production processes. Also, to tap into the market by becoming the highest employment provider in Gujarat in order to be able to provide ample employment opportunities to the deserving and hard-working.
As ORPAT deals in a number of products and even more product categories, it aspires to be a pioneer in Quartz Technology and manufacturing of Calculator along with becoming India’s largest manufacturer of the household electronics products. ORPAT Group desires to achieve all its visions by harnessing the latest technologies for simplification of processes and rapid expansion.


ORPAT envisions a future where businesses and communities grow and flourish together with long-term benefits to consumers and environment at large. ORPAT works towards encouraging sustainable development and growth by minimizing the pollution generated by the organization and ensuring growth of the company with regards to its human resource capital. The organization today stands rock-solid with a strong and inclusive family of over 3000 employees working together towards achieving a common goal.
ORPAT understands its responsibilities towards the society, the environment and the socio-economic sustainability to its human resources and investors as well as its wide customer cell, suppliers and the public at large.
ORPAT believes and strongly supports avoidance of depletion of natural resources in order to maintain ecological balance. It has over the years developed and continues to produce world-class manufacturing plant as per the prescribed quality measures and procedures. All this is done to ensure minimum pollution from production and manufacturing departments and to generate larger by-products.
Safety and health of our employees remain our top priority and we see to it that the processes required to carry our production and manufacture do not cause any harm to even a single employee at ORPAT Group.