Basic Telephone – 1500 EE – Blue


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Tone / Pulse Switchable
Acrylic Function Buttons
Loudy Ringer
Automatic Gain Control
Package Dimensions – L-220 mm X W-58 mm X H-210 mm = 0.00267 CBM

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A unique telephone piece that is powered by a number of distinctive accessibilities like tone/pulse switchable, flashlight, Acrylic function buttons, automatic gain control, and loud ringer. A stylish and diplomatic looking telephone piece that makes a delightful appearance in its vicinity. A perfect combination for surrounding with glossy objects. Due to its typical shape. It becomes one of a kind in its category. A delightful looking telephone piece to suit all your needs.

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Telephone Blue

Package Contents

Telephone,Receiver, Line Cord,Coil Cord.

Package Dimensions

L-220 MM X W-58 MM X H-210 MM = 0.00267 CBM


1 Year

Model No.

1500 EE

Basic Telephone - 1500 EE - Blue


Out of stock

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