Time Piece Buzzer Alarm Clock TBB-337Baby Blue


Beep Alarm
Quartz Alarm Time Piece
Alarm Accuracy of + / – 2 Minutes
Loud & Clear Sound
1 Year Warranty
1 Year Long Battery Life
Package Dimensions – L-115mm X W-45mm X H-103mm = 0.00053

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A decorative timepiece that has an intricate design. The numbering on the white interface is black and bold giving it an elaborative appearance. A statutory dimension and elegant design make this alarm clock popular as a regular choice. A timepiece that would be ideally preferred for large bed tops or wardrobe stands which are considerably close to beds. A simple yet subtle looking timepiece that blends conveniently with multiple surroundings.

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Baby Blue

Package Contents

1 U Alarm Clock

Package Dimensions

L-115MM X W-45MM X H-103MM = 0.00053


1 Year

Model No.


Time Piece Buzzer Alarm Clock TBB-337Baby Blue