Time PieceSnooze Buzzer Alarm Clock TBZL-167 Black


Beep Alarm
Quartz Alarm Time Piece
Alarm Accuracy of + / – 2 Minutes
Loud & Clear Sound
1 Year Warranty
4 Minutes Snooze & Light Facility
1 Year Long Battery Life
Package Dimensions – L-85mm X W-45mm X H-85mm = 0.00032

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A stylish timepiece that features a solid color frame and a white interface that has bold and standard numerals in a theme of fluorescent green. A very distinguishable timepiece, particularly due to its shape and dimension. An alarm clock that will have both ends maximal as well as optimal utility, depending on the user to user. Its shape is a great plus point, making it compatible with different resting localities and also immersive among different objects. A very characteristic alarm clock, that easily subdues to the locality pertaining to its appearance.

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Package Contents

1 U Alarm Clock

Package Dimensions

L-85MM X W-45MM X H-85MM = 0.00032


1 Year

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Time PieceSnooze Buzzer Alarm Clock TBZL-167 Black