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What are the Must-Have Home Appliances for Every Kitchen?

  • Introduction
  • Must-have home appliances in your kitchen 
  • Electric kettle
  • Choppers
  • Mixer Grinder
  • Hand blenders
  • Conclusion

Cooking at home is definitely enjoyable but may seem tedious when one has to do the entire process manually. Adding some must-have kitchen appliances as a part of the kitchen to not only make cooking quicker and easier, but also interesting and less tedious.

Here are some of the must-have home appliances in your kitchen

Electric Kettle: An electrickettle is one of the most versatile appliances that is plugged into an outlet and uses electricity to power an integrated heating element. The exterior of an electric kettle is made of insulating material to keep one’s hands safe.  Using an electric kettle is much quicker than boiling water in a microwave or cooktop with 80% less energy used.

Orpat kettles are started with a simple on/off switch and come with  a power on indicator light that indicates proper operation of the appliances. The kettle also has precise controls to heat water to the desired temperature for tea, coffee, hot cocoa, soup, oatmeal and so on.

Why go for an electric kettle?

1. Easy to use with indications and features like auto shut-off.
2. Helps save time
3es money with quick boiling and reducing stovetop and gas usage as an energy-efficient and cost-effective gadget.
4. Safe to use as they are wired to automatically cut off when the water is boiled. There is no risk in case you forget to switch it off. 
5. Portable and can be used with a switch and a plug.  

Choppers: Choppers are gadgets that help one slice vegetables and fruits with its four-leaf stainless steel chopping blade that is convenient and effective for cutting through different ingredients.  
Orpat Food choppers are stylish, ergonomic and come with durable and powerful 250 watts motors that are a perfect pick for the kitchen. These choppers come with a non-slip base, stainless steel chopper blades for whisks and are ideal for small batches and coarser ingredient prep like chopping fresh fruits and vegetables, mincing garlic or puréeing sauces.  

Why go for choppers?

1. Gives a cutting edge focus on the kitchen
2. Simple to set up, use and work on food arrangement process
3. Reduces injuries caused by cutting quickly with a sharp knife.
4. Microbe safe as the food chopper blades are made from stainless steel making it challenging for microorganisms to remain on them.
5. Time-effective with fast hacking of various leafy foods, ginger, garlic and so on. Lay the fruits or vegetables in the container, switch on a button and have them cut in a moment or two.
6. Makes food preparation an exciting experience, so you won’t have to cry cutting onions or vegetables.
7. Serves multiple purposes as can be used to cut dry fruits and fruits in small amounts.

Mixer Grinder: Mixer grinders from the Orpat group are an essential in every household and are used for grinding spices, blending batters, making juices, chutneys, and spice powders, pureeing, chopping, mincing, mixing and blending to prepare any dish. A juice mixer can be used to extract juices from various fruits and vegetables, and also make smoothies of fruits, dry fruits and seeds. 

Why go for a mixer grinder?

1. Aids in the preparation of a wide range of foods, including milkshakes, chutneys, grinding spices, nuts, cereals, whipping cream, and more.
2. Comes with a variety of speed settings, so one can grind, mix, or whip the food to the desired consistency as needed. One can choose the fast speed for crushing hard nuts and the moderate speed for making a scrumptious milkshake.
3. Quick, easy cooking with most preparation work done in a jiffy with the blender processor.
4. Convenient to set up and use with a variety of features and accessories.
5. Simple maintenance with only a need to keep them clean and hygienic. Make sure to remove the accessories from the main device, use a wet cotton cloth to wipe off the food particles from the main unit, and clean the devices.

Hand Blender: A hand-held electric appliance with a protected blade that can be submerged in the food being processed is known as a  hand blender. It is used for blending or grinding food. Hand blenders of the Orpat group come with a chopper or without a chopper and help with whipping up smoothies, pureed soups or fresh pesto.

Some of the items that can be prepared with blenders include sauces, dip, and dressings like pesto, mayonnaise, hummus, spreads, salsas, vinaigrettes, frozen desserts like ice cream bases and fruit-based treats, beverages like smoothies, frozen drinks, blended alcoholic drinks, homemade nut butter like almond or peanut, grains and cereals likebreadcrumbs, cookie crumbs, oat flour, almond flour, powdered sugar made in seconds.

Why go for a hand blender?

1. In just a few minutes, one can turn recipes into silky-smooth purees.
2. A blender can be used to make drinks, savory appetizers, frozen desserts, snacks, sauces, dressing, and hot soups.
3. It is possible to break down whole fruits, vegetables, nuts, and softer meats into nutritious meals for any occasion.


In this article we have seen what the must-have home appliances are for every kitchen along with their uses and benefits. Adding these appliances not only makes cooking easy with preparation work becoming easier, but also saves a lot of time and can make cooking interesting. So why not explore the wide range of Orpat kitchen appliances on the website and add them to your kitchen? 

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