Check and Correct Desktop Calculators OT-1700 T-Grey


12 Digits
120 Step Check & Correct
Big Display
Auto Replay
Tax Calculations
Computer Keys
GT Function
1-year warranty
Quick key sensing for speedy calculations
Long-lasting key printing for minimizing the calculation errors & Steadiness & Good gripping for hasslefree use.
Package Dimensions – L-165mm X W-47mm X H-200mm = 0.00155 CBM

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A check and correct calculator that features a 12 digit 120 step function. Its body has a greyish theme making it looks elegant and stylish. Multi-functionality along with seamless accuracy makes this clock very demanding and useful at the same time. Durable make, effective design, and tax calculations compatibility make this calculator a very resourceful device, from many aspects. It consists of computer keys making it suitable for accountants, corporate professionals, and for everyone who is looking fast calculations. This calculator will be very helpful for instant usage and calculations.

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Package Contents

1U Calculator

Package Dimensions

L-165MM X W-47MM X H-200MM = 0.00155 CBM


1 Year

Model No.

OT-1700 T

Check and Correct Desktop Calculators OT-1700 T-Grey