Silver Series SwitchesNeon IndicatorOSSH-2057White (Pack of 30)


Spark Shield to prevent accidental fire
Finger Proof Terminal for protection against accidental contact
Made from Polycarbonate material
Tunnel Terminals preventing screwdrivers from slipping
Tested to the most stringent guidelines to guarantee absolute operational safety and withstand 100000 on-off cycles
Neon Indicator
10 Years warranty
Package Dimensions – 76mm X 102mm

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A silver series vibrant neon indicator that has high durability and is mostly preferred for niched locations. A compact dimension and
feasible shape make this neon indicator very instrumental in serving its purpose. A very fruitful design and its excellent level of??illumination will take over all the needs of its users. A very unique firm base and elegant theme make this product very much desirable??and dependable.

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Package Dimensions

76MM X 102MM


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Silver Series SwitchesNeon IndicatorOSSH-2057White (Pack of 30)