Time PieceDigital Alarm ClockTBZLL-627 DXWhite


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Folding Slim Travelling Digital Alarm Clock
1 Minute Auto alarm off
Indiglo to see time in the dark
AM/PM Indicator
4 Minutes Snooze Facility
Alarm Accuracy of + / – 2 Minutes
1 Year-Long Battery Life
Package Dimensions – L-70mm X W-28mm X H-100mm = 0.00019

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A special timepiece that is characterized by a digital interface and a body that has a mixed theme. It has buttons utility which assists the user to get the best out of the timepiece. This timepiece has great adaptability and portability features due to its design, shape, and dimension. Separately, this device can be utilized for optimal as well as used on a regular basis. A fine example of nominal as well as exemplary features in a device that has a purposeful necessity.

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Package Contents

1 U Alarm Clock

Package Dimensions

L-70MM X W-28MM X H-100MM = 0.00019


1 Year

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Time PieceDigital Alarm ClockTBZLL-627 DXWhite


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