Time PieceSnooze Buzzer Alarm Clock TBZL-697 Pink


Beep Alarm
Quartz Alarm Time Piece
Alarm Accuracy of + / – 2 Minutes
Loud & Clear Sound
1 Year Warranty
4 Minutes Snooze & Light Facility
1 Year Long Battery Life
Package Dimensions – L-110mm X W-52mm X H-105mm = 0.00060

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An implicit timepiece that boasts of a very imperative design that is satiating to watch. It can be resembled with a wall clock more due to its typical dimensions and elaborative appearance. A simple yet tangible and creative design that makes this alarm clock, unique compared to others. A green theme is also a great symbolic reference to peace and solidarity. The absence of definite shape and acceptable dimensions also adds to the uniqueness of this alarm clock from an overall point of view.

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Package Contents

1 U Alarm Clock

Package Dimensions

L-110MM X W-52MM X H-105MM = 0.00060


1 Year

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Time PieceSnooze Buzzer Alarm Clock TBZL-697 Pink