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8 Innovative Features of Orpat Economy Fans: Saving Energy and Money

A great ceiling fan comes with multiple features to meet all the customer’s requirements. With the increase in electrical technology, the number of features has increased and ceiling fans are gaining popularity for their features and aesthetic look.  The enhanced safety features prevent fans from falling with sturdy grip. The anti-dust technology prevents dust from settling on the fan’s surface, while the anti corrosion properties help in preventing rusting of the fans.  

Right fans can do a lot for you and your home. There are several important considerations to look at when purchasing a ceiling fan. 

Some of the basic features to look for in a fan are

1.Motor speed

Motor speed along with wattage are important attributes when it comes to electrical appliances. Higher the wattage in appliances, higher the electricity consumed. So before the purchase of any electrical appliance, one must choose the appliances which have a lower amount of watt.  Orpat fans are energy efficient and consume 75 watts of energy at an operating voltage of 100-240 volts which helps one save electricity when picking economy or budget fans.

2. RPM and air delivery

Higher air delivery means better flow of air in the room. So, you have to choose ceiling fans which have higher air delivery. Similarly RPM means Revolution per Minute. You have to choose a high speed ceiling fan with better air delivery. In some ceiling fans, the RPM is high, but the air delivery is not sufficient due to different blade angles. Orpat economy fans come with 380 rpm and 225 cm Strong air delivery

3. Motor body

A sturdy fan is one that has good grip, is firm and comes with a strong excellent metallic body.  The motor size and blade pitch are important factors that determine the quality of the ceiling fan. Make sure to go for a premium motor to ensure that the fan lasts long with a blade pitch that is high enough to maintain maximum airflow at all times. One can make their selection based on the size of the room. The motor body of an Orpat fan is made up of 100 % aluminum alloy and safer, better grip and protection, they come with ZZ sleeve type double ball bearings. To ensure that the motor body and the fans last long and do not rust, they come with a long lasting powder coating to protect against corrosion.

4. Sleeve type

Sleeve bearings are important when it comes to ceiling fans and facilitate linear movement between two parts and are made of plastic or metals. They play an important role in minimizing vibrations and noise by absorbing friction between two moving parts using a sliding motion. Orpat fans come with ZZ Sleeve Type Double Ball Bearing for smoother Operation.

5. Sweep

This is one of the most important specifications to look for while choosing a fan in your room. Sweep is the length of one blade tip to the other side blade tip. You can choose the sweep size of the fan for your room size by taking reference from the table given below. Orpat fans come with 1200mm/48 inch sweep and help in excellent air flow.

6. High performance

Copper winding is preferred for better performance of the motor.  Make sure to choose ceiling fans which come with copper winding  like Orpat money saver fans that come with 100% copper Wire Motor for high performance.

7. Silent fan

 It is a known fact that not everyone can sleep well with the noise of the fan. Considering this fact, new age technology fans with copper wiring comes with a benefit of minimizing noise and works wonders for many. Orpat economy fans come with sturdy motor body with copper wiring and make almost negligible noise.

8. Power saving

It is very important to check the BEE star while purchasing a ceiling fan as it shows the electricity consumption rating. If the BEE star is higher, it means the electricity consumption is lower. The main benefits of energy efficient ceiling fans include energy conservation and money saving. Keep yourself cool with energy saver fans after a hectic day. These ceiling fans can work even on voltage fluctuations. Orpat fans also come with BEE 5 star rating and are excellent choices for saving power consumption.

Orpat is a reputed name when it comes to household appliances in India. We have seen here how they effectively catered to all its customers with advanced products in newer models incorporating the scientific advancements. Orpat fans come with multiple advantages and guarantee comfort and ease to the customers with their collection of some of the best high speed ceiling fan in India, with an immense exhibit of choices to browse. The innovation utilized in these roof fans keeps up with the appearance of one’s home and ensures energy and electricity savings and reduces electricity costs. Pick now one of the best fans in India from our website of your liking!

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