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Choose the Perfect Vintage Wall Clock for Classic Home Décor

Vintage wall clocks are those that are over 30-50 years old and are rare in the market. These types of clocks typically work on the energy stored in their spring and offer an aesthetic look to the wall.

What are the different types of vintage wall clocks that are available?

Vintage Wall Clocks are gorgeous additions to your room and can be used to enhance the look of your room. Orpat group has a wide range of vintage clocks to choose from. Choose from a variety of types of clocks like brass, brown, and black ones. 

Orpat wall clocks come in a variety of designs and types giving the customer a variety to explore. One could look for a vintage wooden wall clock that is versatile and fits any place perfectly. Or if someone likes a décor with a dash of humor, one could opt for a quirky vintage clock with a smiley face that adds the right touch of fun invoking the child in them. Not just the classic clock face, one can also find floral, peacock, abstract, and bold fauna-themed clock faces. And if you are someone who loves to go really antique, then a vintagewall clock with a pendulumis perhaps what you may like too!

Vintage wall clocks also make for lovely gifting options. With the classic roman numerals, the vibe of a vintage clock calls attention to itself.  

Factors to consider when choosing a vintage wall clock


Take into consideration which design of the vintage wall clock will look best with the decor in your home. There are a variety of wall clocks to choose from – be it a rustic or industrial look, a classic look, or an antique look. The design and color of your chairs and table should complement the wall clock you choose.


Take measurements of the wall where you want to hang your wall clock to make sure it fits right. A huge one may fit well in an open room while a modest clock might be apt for a compact space. Explore the collection of Ajanta vintage wall clocks to see what best could suit your room  size, décor and liking.

Room décor

A vintage wall clock is not only a good selection for traditionally or aesthetically done walls, but also a modern wall. The contrast between a vintage clock and a modern setting can create an interesting and eclectic look whereas in an aesthetic room, it may add elegance. The main tip when choosing your clock is to choose a vintage clock that fits the style and aesthetic of the room, and to hang it in a way that complements the wall. Check outAjanta vintage wall clock collection to get an idea of what could perhaps suit your room décor.


Classic wall clocks come in different materials like wood, metal, glass, and plastic. Choose a material that goes well with your decor and is long-lasting enough to last.


Before going for avintage wall clock, one needs to decide if they need one with a silent mechanism, chimes, or a pendulum. A thermometer or barometer may also be included in some of these types of clocks.


The size, material, and features of a vintage wall clock can all affect how much it costs. If you want a high-quality, long-lasting vintage clock, one may need to spend more.

Clock maintenance

Some of the types of vintage wall clocks require upkeep and regular maintenance like oiling the mechanism or wiping down the surface. Make sure to check all these details before making the purchase and evaluate if you would be able to regularly maintain the clock.

How to select a vintage wall clock for the bedroom?

A classic, simple vintage wall clock in a round or square shape with a simple face and roman numerals would be the best pick for the compact bedroom. Check out the collection of Orpat wall clocks that come in right fit for not just your open bigger rooms, but also compact bedrooms. 

What care is needed for a vintage wall clock?

It is important to keep a vintage wall clock clean with soft cloth, to keep it protected from extreme temperatures and moisture. Make sure to take periodic servicing from professionals to have your clock running for long. 

Wall Clocks are essential in every house and come in different types, patterns and styles for ones who like it minimal as possible to those who like them broad and prominent. Orpat wall clocks come in all ranges to fit every household. We suggest exploring the vast collection on our website from the comfort of your home, and pick what best suits your room size, décor, liking and most importantly the price range. Allow Orpat group to transform your living space and add a dash of elegance to your room. 

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